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Round Knife 5 Pieces Set for Leathercraft

Round Knife 5 Pieces Set for Leathercraft

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This is a set of five specialized blades used in the leathercraft industry for cutting out corners of leather materials, often referred to as "corner cutters" or "corner punches."

The set includes the following sizes:

4.5mm (3R)

9mm (5R)

15mm (10R)

25mm (15R)

30mm (20R)

(The "R" in the sizes represents the radius (mm) of the curve.)

A perfectly sized paulownia wood box is included.

Our corner punches are so sharp that no hammer is required. Simply press down with both hands, and the corner of the leather material will be cleanly cut out with a snap.

  • Blade material: Blue paper steel #2
  • Blade length: Approximately 50mm
  • Handle: Japanese Zelkova (Keyaki)
  • Handle length: Approximately 110mm
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