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Woodblock Printing Brush 9 Pieces Set

Woodblock Printing Brush 9 Pieces Set

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The set includes brushes commonly used in woodblock printing:

Hake Brushes: Made with soft, finely split bristles. They have a strong backbone, allowing paint to spread well, and the soft tips hold paint effectively.

Creative Brushes: Strong backbone with soft tips! Pre-processed for optimal performance. After use, store them with the bristles facing downward, as shown in the image.

Moistening Brush: Used for dampening printmaking paper. Evenly apply water to newspaper using the moistening brush, then sandwich the printmaking paper between the damp newspaper sheets.


  • Hake and Creative Brushes: Horse hair
  • Moistening Brush: Sheep wool


  • Hake Brushes: 15mm × 2, 20mm × 2, 24mm × 1
  • Creative Brushes: 60mm × 3
  • Moistening Brush: 125mm × 1
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