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Carving bench

Carving bench

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The carving bench is equipped with functions specialized for wood carving work!

[As a dedicated workbench for wood carving rather than prints! ]
We have set the height of the backing plate as high as 35 mm, considering the usability of wood carving work.
Also, a 200 mm square that is easy to make small wood carvings.
Recommended for making cutlery and animal sculptures!

[The backing plate can be used as a fixing clamp! ]
Can be used as a fixing clamp by loosening the screw on the backing plate.
If you fix a spoon that was difficult to hold down by hand, it will be even easier to carve.
When combined with a non-slip mat, it becomes easier to carve by pulling it forward.
Also, by using the attached cork board, the cutting edge of the carving knife is less likely to be damaged.

[Refresh the cutting edge of the chisel with sharpening cloth! ]
The attached pink cloth is a sharpening cloth with polishing effect.
Polishing a dull carving knife by holding it with a clamp
You can refresh the sharpness of the cutting edge with a little damage!


- Body material: MDF
- Size: Backing plate height: 35mm Usable flat part: Vertical 200 x Horizontal 200 (mm)
- Anti-slip mat, cork board (150 x 150 x t10mm), sharpening cloth included

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