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High Speed Steel Wood Carving Kogatana -Shinobi Tou-

High Speed Steel Wood Carving Kogatana -Shinobi Tou-


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We manufactured kogatana, which is often used for wood carving and outdoors, with high-speed steel.
We named it "Shinobi Tou" because it looks like a ninja.

[Expect the durability of high speed steel! ]
Kogatana is often used roughly for wood carving and outdoors.
The hardness of the high-speed steel makes it a good partner for a long-lasting blade!
We also paid attention to the angle of the blade, and since it faces outwards more than a normal knife, the power does not escape!

[Paracord is used for the grip]
Durable paracord is used for the grip to improve slip resistance and ease of grip.

[Original design leather case included! ]
Made by a professional leather craftsman
An original leather case is included!
Using fine-textured tanned leather, the taste will increase as you use it.
It looks good, but it was designed in a safe way!


Cutting Edge: High Speed ​​Steel
Grip: Paracord
- Overall length: 190mm
- Blade width: 27 mm
- Blade length: 65mm
Case: natural leather

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