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Kuksa Wooden Mug Crafting Kit

Kuksa Wooden Mug Crafting Kit

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Kuksa is a type of mug made with traditional Nordic craftsmanship. Each one is carefully handcrafted with the hope of bringing happiness to its owner. It is said that those who receive a kuksa will be blessed with good fortune.


Made of half-processed maple wood

The most challenging part of making a kuksa, the hollowing out, has already been done. All you have to do is carve the handle into your desired shape using a carving knife! We have selected a set of carving knives that are useful for making kuksa. You can choose to leave the carving marks or sand them down for a smooth finish. Create your own one-of-a-kind kuksa!


Contents of set

  • Wood
    • Kuksa: Katsura (Japanese Judas tree)
    • Square plate: Walnut
    • Spoon: Kiso Hinoki (Hinoki cypress)
  • Carving knives
    • Round knife 9mm (High carbon steel (two-layer steel))
    • Shallow gouge 12mm (High carbon steel (two-layer steel))
    • Very shallow gouge 18mm (High carbon steel (two-layer steel))
    • Another: Blade width 9mm, projection 35mm (High carbon steel (three-layer steel))
  • Carving knife case
  • Each carving knife comes with a blade cap
  • Water resistant sandpaper (1 sheet each)
    • #150
    • #240
    • #400
  • Instruction manual included
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