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Deluxe Woodblock Printing Kit

Deluxe Woodblock Printing Kit

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Hicosaka Woodblock Print Studio, known for their woodblock prints featuring food motifs such as bread, collaborates with Michi Hamono, a renowned Japanese blade manufacturer.

Under the complete supervision of Hicosaka Woodblock Print Studio, a set of detailed instructional materials and reliable tools from Michi Hamono Industry has been created.

The subject is "anpan" (a sweet red bean paste-filled bun). Although simple, it is a profound theme.

Take this opportunity to appreciate the fascinating world of woodblock printing.

The set includes:

  • Original textbook supervised by Hicosaka Woodblock Print Studio
  • WOODY carving knives: Flat 12, Seal 7.5, Round 3/6, Triangle 3, Flat-round 7.5, Round knife 9
  • 2 Creative brushes (15mm)
  • 2 Transferring brushes
  • 1 sheet of A4 tracing paper
  • Non-slip mat
  • Creative baren (hand-printing tool)
  • 2 Plastic trays
  • Paint set
  • Woodblock (Basswood plywood)
  • 1 sheet of A6 carbon paper
  • 5 sheets of printing paper (postcard size)

Each carving knife comes with a blade tip cap for safety.

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